Membership Information

The ACS NBCRT is a national coalition of organizations working to accelerate progress across the breast cancer continuum through strategic partnerships to eliminate disparities and reduce mortality. The ACS NBCRT consists of organizational members, corporate members, and select individuals (by invitation) which reflect a broad involvement in breast cancer support issues across the cancer continuum.

Membership Categories

Organizational Member

Organizational members are defined as public, private, and voluntary organizations (non-commercial interest) dedicated to breast cancer support issues across the continuum and are committed to working collaboratively in areas of public education, provider education, health policy, among others.

Corporate Member

Corporate members are defined as business corporations that have a special affiliation with the roundtable either by making products with proven efficacy that aid in the screening, prevention, or treatment of cancer; or by demonstrating a commitment to education about the roundtable subject matter; or by having expertise in an area that could further the mission of the roundtable. These members are non-voting and unable to hold leadership positions.

Individual Member (By Invitation Only)

Individuals must be invited to apply. Individual members include those with outstanding expertise in reducing breast cancer morbidity and mortality and a commitment to quality of life for individuals with breast cancer, their families, and survivors.

Member Benefits

ACS NBCRT members enjoy benefits and services designed to magnify the impact each organization can have in their efforts to reduce the burden of breast cancer across the U.S. Roundtable members network with leading partners across the nation and are called upon to help guide the nation’s response and strategic planning on priority breast cancer topics.


Members gain access to the latest news, events, tools, and resources. Members can attend Annual Meetings to share ideas, get up-to-date information about cancer issues across the continuum, and help tackle complex barriers challenging patients and their families.


Members are provided pathways for collaborative work on various initiatives designed to leverage the talents and expertise across the membership and address pressing needs in cancer screening, care, and support topics.


Members receive recognition on the ACS NBCRT website, within annual reports, and help lead the national dialogue on breast cancer.

Membership Process

The membership application, review, and approval process includes the below steps. There are no dues associated with membership. Separate membership applications and notice of acceptance are required for each roundtable. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

  1. Organization Submits an Application
  2. Review of application by ACS NBCRT Leadership
  3. Notification of Membership
  4. Orientation & onboarding for new members

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