ACS NBCRT Leadership

The ACS NBCRT Leadership works to ensure our national coalition’s mission, goals, and priorities are achieved.

The ACS NBCRT uses a triad leadership model consisting of two external Chairs and one ACS Chair. This triad works in tandem with the roundtable staff to lead and support the Steering Committee. This leadership model further establishes the ACS’s commitment to serve as the backbone organization, providing organizational leadership, resources, and expert staff support to roundtables.

James Baldwin once said, ‘It has taken my father’s time, my mother’s time, my uncle’s time, my brothers’ and my sisters’ time, my nieces’ and my nephews’ time. How much time do you want for your progress?’ Progress for equitable breast health care is long overdue. It’s time!
– Kristen Hobbs

ACS NBCRT Steering Committee Member

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